Less is More #170: Colour Challenge

I haven’t taken part in the Less is More challenge for many weeks, but I often have a look to see what the challenge is…

Next week is my mum’s 85th Birthday, and I wanted to make a card that included zentangle inspired art – which is my current obsession!

In 1982 Mum and Dad moved into a newly converted Tithebarn development, and there was a piece in the local paper about how “Barney” the Barn Owl had been rehomed as part of the development. As a joke, we started buying owls for mum to “collect” (I don’t think she ever decided to collect owls…it was decided for her!) To be honest, I think she is more than a little fed up with owls now, particularly as there was a time when everything that people bought her had some kind of owl attached, but from time to time the owl theme is resurrected.

Like now, for example:


I zentangled the owl, and then made the card…which happily fits the LiM challenge which is “

Three Shades of One Colour
There is the three shades of green on the card: the backing paper, the light green ribbon and the darker green ribbon. If I’m honest I’m not sure that this isn’t “less enough” for LiM – but I wanted to show it off as I’m really rather proud of it!

4 thoughts on “Less is More #170: Colour Challenge

  1. What fabulous zentangling, I’m not surprised that you are proud of this!
    Thanks so much
    “Less is More”

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