Good memories of our time in Liverpool

I do feel guilty – I haven’t posted here for quite a while. I manage to post once a week (sometimes twice, but ot often) over at Fat Dormouse but it seems to take a big effort to post over here too! I’m sorry to my faithful followers.

Life here is pootling on – Mr D has settled into his job, and is, all-in-all, enjoying it. I think it took him a little while to get into the rhythm of work – it didn’t help that we had a week in the UK. Or maybe it did help, as it gave him a pause to consider how to tackle the things that were concerning him.

We had a lovely time, but there was rather too much driving to be relaxing.

Wednesday: drive through France; Friday: drive from Canterbury to Liverpool; Sunday: drive 2 hours there & 2 hours back to meet up with my family; Monday: drive from Liverpool to Canterbury; Wednesday: drive through France.

Yes, we do share the driving, but Mr D still does the bulk of it.

The Elbow concert – the main reason we went – was great. We spent a nice afternoon in Liverpool. We went to the Museum of Liverpool, down at the Pier Head

We spent about three hours there, but only saw the top floor! We will definitely be back another time. The Museu closed at five o’clock – which is something that we can’t quite get used to. In France most museums/shops etc are open till at least 6 o’clock, but usually 7.00. We wandered over to the Albert Dock, and luckily the Tate Liverpool was open for another hour!

We had a look at the exhibits there until about 6.00 and then headed around the Albert Dock to find somewhere to eat. We happened upon a wine bar where we had a large glass of red and a couple of plates to share: mezze and bread and cheese. Mr FD had a slab of Rocky Road cake while I had a coffee. Then a short stroll across to the Echo Arena for an excellent concert. A very happy pair we were!

Last time we went to an Elbow concert (read about it here) I sent the band a Best Wishes card – and got a mention! So I sent another, pictured below.


However, no mention this time – but I guess the Echo Arena is a different kettle of fish to the Bataclan Club in Paris!

Here is a picture of me and mum out for a walk near her house.


Now we are back home. Work is beginning to pick up for me – I’m busy almost every day, and a lot of that is teaching! I start more face-to-face in June…on my one day off. Dammit! I’ll have to start planning at the weekends again!


We’re meeting up with my sister,my brother & my mum in Lyon next weekend to celebrate mum’s 85th birthday…I have to book a couple of restaurants and think about what we’re going to be doing. I’m considering a boat tour on the river

and possibly a walking tour as well, but will need to check if that’s okay with mum.


Anyway – it’s the 6th Fete de Cheveaux here in St Just today, being organised by friends of ours. I’m going to wander along and show my support – especially as the weather is a bit grim!


2 thoughts on “Good memories of our time in Liverpool

  1. Liverpool is great isn’t it? I love the combination you get down there of old and new buildings, totally different styles and yet looking right together.

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