40 Acts: 19: Don’t hold back the wonderful

From the daily prompt

Act 19 – don’t hold back the wonderful

Our words can have a wonderful power for good. Leave a note of encouragement in a random place for someone to find.
Alternatively, you could leave your favourite book – a Bible or a book of psalms, perhaps – in a public space with a note explaining that it’s a gift for whoever picks it up.
You could even write #40acts on the envelope or inside the book cover if you like.


I love the idea of this Act – really! The idea of sending or leaving notes of encouragement to be found by strangers is thrilling!

Coincidentally, I have, waiting to be posted, four envelopes of little gifts to send to people I know , either through blogging, or from a face-to-face meeting. One of these I’m sending anonymously, to thank the blogger for her wonderful generous giving of herself to other people. But leaving little notes – bring it on!


So, I plan to leave an English book on a bench near Le Port, in Roanne, where many English speaking people moor their narrow boats, plus some cards with encouraging French words in them. I’ll have to go to town a little earlier than I’d planned today, but what a great reason to go. Right! I’m off to prepare some cards & letters before I start lesson planning for the day!


I’ll be back sometime tomorrow (or Friday!) with some photos. What fun!!!

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