40Acts: 16: Bake it, make it, take it + A Pause in Lent

From yesterday’s daily prompt:

Most people love cake. And if they don’t love cake, they’ll probably still appreciate the trouble you’ve taken to make something. Use the simple recipes we are providing on the Facebook page today and bake some cupcakes.


Here the best laid plans of mice went awry…I did bake a delicious cake, & I have shared it with a friend, but it wasn’t really much of a challenge/act of anything other than greed as I had a large slice too!!! I planned to make biscuits to take into work but that didn’t happen either – I was too busy batch cooking chicken provencale, lamb tagine and bean-and-vegetable stew to go in the freezer, as well as cooking lunch for said cake-eating friend, who was on her own today. But, no worries. Sometimes Stuff Happens, but I hope that on Tuesday I may find time to bake some biscuits to either take into work, or to take up to a very busy friend. I will do the Act 16, but just not on the day.

This isn’t a pic of my cake, but it loks pretty similar. Here is the recipe. It was very easy to make.

A Pause in Lent_1024

To be honest, I haven’t got anything terribly thought provoking to say…just the thought that, while I have enjoyed doing 40 Acts, I still haven’t really stepped very far outside my comfort zone. People have been offering cupcakes to complete strangers, and giving anonymous gifts, and helping people they don’t know…I’ve been shying away from that, with the excuse “But I can’t do it in French!!!” (to be said in horrified tones)

God wants us to trust him, to follow where He leads, to be willing to leave the green pastures and still waters that are so attractive because they are safe, and follow him into the valley of shadows…because it is only when we are truly challenged and feel completely uncomfortable that we learn to fully trust him.

As Father Rob, rector at church wrote in the newsletter this week:

So many of the transforming moments in both the Old and New Testaments occur when the comfortable safety of stable and respectable life is either lost or set aside.  The character in a biblical story about transformation is more
than likely to be a wanderer, a prisoner, an expatriate, a social outcast or a solitary seeker.

You might not seek such a life for yourself.  If it is thrust upon you, however, take heart.  Unaccustomed times and places are putty in God’s hand

2 thoughts on “40Acts: 16: Bake it, make it, take it + A Pause in Lent

  1. This is so true.I have been thinking similarly. I need to get out there and do something! Your previous posts are great too! I really like the idea of that charity x

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