40Acts:13 Go Local & 14: Ssh!

13: Go Local.

From yesterday’s Daily Prompt:

Get down to your local shops today if you can. Those local businesses are a community hub and they’re brilliant places to meet people, strike up conversations and support home-grown trade. Perhaps you could choose an independent coffee shop over a chain, or use your local greengrocers rather than a supermarket this week.

I do my food shopping on a Friday, having planned the week ahead’s menus in advance. I go to 2 supermarkets (usually), a budget one (which is Leader Price at the moment) and another, for the other items. The second is usually Carrefour. It suits me to work like this, and Leader Price  certainly has lower prices than the Big Supermarkets. But of course, local shops are missing out on my custom. We’ve already had a butcher, a baker and a greengrocer close in the village, as well as the (over priced) electrical goods shop, and I can only imagine that this trend may continue. There are several empty shop fronts too, which have been empty for years.

Because I work away from home all Wednesday, I didn’t pick up the prompt until this morning – very timely as it is the local market on Thursday…so I made up my shopping list for the week, and headed out to buy what I could in the market. The prices were higher and I did balk at paying 3€ / kg for red peppers, when they’re cheaper elsewhere…so I compromised. I bought a few veggies that I knew were comparable prices & I went to the local butcher. The meat was more expensive than I would normally pay – but the chickens are free range (and big pieces too) so I’ll bite the bullet on that front. So this prompt has helped me to decide to be a bit more organised with my shopping list and to buy my meat from a local shop, rather than from the supermarkets.

A picture of our local market

14: Sssh!

From today’s Daily Prompt:

Leave an anonymous gift for someone! Remember act #9, when we encouraged you to listen to someone and make a note of something they needed? Well, today’s the day to meet that need as best as you can – anonymously. Don’t let them know that you’ve done it. You could use the contents of your generosity jar if you need to.

Well, my Act 9 didn’t really produce any needs – I just pledged to try to listen more carefully in future – and, in fact, did just that when Mr D was explaining the wonders of HTML5 to me…So I’m still humming and ha-ing over today’s Act. I think that I may cop out a bit, and just send a donation to Sport Relief. And, to be honest, I was going to do this anyway, as I have been admiring of what Alex Jones from The One Show is doing to raise money…

Here she is, talking about her challenge:

An amazing challenge…especially if you have never climbed before!!

Maybe not the Challenge for me that it could have been – but still a valuable act to do! And perhaps I will find someone to send an anonymous gift to as well!



2 thoughts on “40Acts:13 Go Local & 14: Ssh!

  1. We, too, use two shops (Lidl and Carrefour Market), but keep meaning to take a look at the butcher in our local village. The business closed a few years ago, but has recently re-opened with a new owner. Thanks for the prompt.

    Your 14 arrived seconds after my first email from lendwithcare.org telling me that one of the entrepreneurs we are helping to fund is now fully funded, and the first repayment is shortly due.

    I really like this micro-financing arrangement. I know who is being helped and how, and once it starts, the money can recycle indefinitely. By making a small loan each month, the help we are able to give grows, also indefinitely. http://www.lendwithcare.org/info/how_it_works explains it much better than I can. Am I beginning to sound like an evangelist for these people?


  2. I have just discovered your blog and I really enjoyed reading about your approach to the 40 Acts challenge. It’s inspired me to try some of them. Your openess (and humour) about stepping outside your comfort zone made me think about how I should be a little braver too. Congratulations, you’ve made a difference to someone you’ve never met. It seems your toolkit includes the ability to write in a way that influences and inspires other. Thank you so much for taking the time to write in a light hearted yet meaningful way. It’s a real talent.

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