40Acts:Day 8 – O.T.T.

From the daily prompt:

Alright, time to step it up a notch – we’re headed into the deep-end of generous living. Today’s challenge is to get right out of your comfort zone and do something a little bit wild for someone else. For some, this might be a really extravagant treat or gift for someone who needs cheering up. You might offer free hugs in the high street or buy flowers and give them out to everyone you meet. The point of this one is uncomfortable, over the top generosity. Go for it!

Oh, oh! This really is getting out of my comfort zone…I can’t imagine offering free hugs in the middle of the market…How would I explain what I was doing?! Going up to complete strangers and offering a cake, or a flower…No, no, NO! I run away screaming at the thought.

I contemplated sending flowers to someone whose blog I enjoy, but that is a cop-out, I think, because it doesn’t take me outside my comfort zone. It doesn’t challenge me, only my bank account (I mean, have you seen the price of sending flowers?!). So, I’ve chosen a slightly easier route than the complete stranger.

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I have decided to buy some flowers or a plant at the local florist (Good point: support your local shops) and to give it to someone who I know to say hello to, to “bise” (kiss on the cheek) and to chat to a little, but who I don’t know very well. She runs the local pharmacy with her husband, and I know them from when I was in the local Chorale group. I think she is a Christian too, so she might understand my garbled mumblings about Lent a bit more than a complete stranger…

So, after my lesson (which may, or may not have been cancelled. It has disappeared off my planning without any explanation) I will gird my loins and go round to the florists.

Watch this space.

OK. C’est fait!

I went to the florists and bought a little rose plant, and while I was there a bunch of carnations was calling to me…So I bought both. The first stem of carnations I gave to another aquaintance, which gave me the tagline “Parce que c’est jeudi…le soleil brille…pourquoi pas?” (Because it’s Thursday…the sun is shining…Why not?) to the surprised question “Why?!” I then went to the pharmacy, clutching my rose plant, where there were crowds of people waiting to be served, so I had to keep repeating “I’m waiting to talk to Liliane” as assistants wanted to serve me. Liliane was dealing with a very long list of drugs for someone which gave me plenty of time to think about making a run for it…

Finally, she was free and  said “Dites moi” (Tell me about it) I suspect she thought I had “women’s troubles” that I wanted to discuss. So I finally went into the prepared speech “I don’t really know why but I wanted to give you a little present…So here it is” Rose bush thrust unceremoniously into her hands. (I decided not to bother with mentioning Lent. It would sound too much like a penance!)

She was, quite literally, lost for words for a second – but her pleasure in her face made my embarrassment worthwhile! She kissed me again, big smackers this time, and went off beaming… As I left the Pharmacy there was an old lady who looked quite upset, so I gave her a carnation spray (As I gave it to her I made the mistake of saying “Pour toi” – aaargh! Old Lady Alert! I should have said “Pour vous” – very impolite to use “tu”to someone I don’t know!!) She was totally poleaxed (though not literally) and stood there open mouthed. “C‘est jeudi…le soleil brille…pourquoi pas?” I said as I skipped out of the shop. Who knows what she was left thinking?!

I still had some stems of carnations to give out – so the local doctor got a couple, someone I know vaguely got a couple, and the woman who happened to be coming into the bank at the same time also got a couple. “Je suis bizarre! Je suis anglaise!” (I’m strange! I’m English!) was my new speil as I hurried off.

I really don’t know what people have been left thinking by this odd Englishwoman handing out carnations, but I do know that Liliane loved her rose plant…and I have a big grin thinking of her pleasure!

Source: here


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