40Acts: Day 6 – Reach

From the daily prompt:

Whether you’re the pastor of a church, a single parent, a Twitter superstar or a self-confessed technophobe, the fact is that to someone, somewhere, YOU are an important voice and what you say and do matters. Consider your ‘reach’ today, and write a list of the spheres of influence you have in your journal. Pick one sphere (it might be your church, your child’s school, or an online community) and choose a positive message of generosity, love or kindness to share with them today.

The reflection continues:

“Let me throw some questions at you that may help you reassess your influence:

  1. Who would help you change a flat tyre or give you a lift in an emergency if you called them?
  2. Who do you expect would attend your wedding? Your birthday party? Your funeral?
  3. How many numbers do you have programmed into your cell phone?

If somebody would show up for you in an emergency situation, you have influence!

If somebody would attend the big moment events of your life, you have influence with them!

If somebody has given you their cell phone number and the access that comes along with it, you have influence! Influence begins with you first assessing who the few people are who would show up for you in a tough spot; it is followed by assessing who would be there for you in big moments, and then finally it is assessed by simply gauging who you could reach through a phone call or text. ”

It is quite an interesting thought – many of those in groups 1 & 2 overlap, as you would expect.

Group 3 isn’t a good indicator for me as my mobile is not the be all and end all for me. I have relatively few numbers programmed in. I suppose the equivalent is how many names in your address book (yes, I do still have one of those!)

So I guess I have influence

  • within my group of friends
  • at ILS, where I see colleagues face to face
  • at church
  • on Ship of Fools
  • within my “Opening Doors” group
  • within the circle of those who read my blog
  • with my students
  • within my family


I found an “inspirational site” for teachers – “Dear Teacher/love Teacher” and from there picked an image + text which appealed to me:


Source: here

and I posted it on the ILS Group on Facebook, with a message reminding us all that we are awesome. I also added a LOLcats, just for the French teachers


I suppose it was quite an easy thing to do – I didn’t really step outside of my comfort zone very much, but, for all that, it’s not much like me to post stuff on FB! It has inspired me tough to think of other people that I could encourage in this way… The “Dear Teacher/ Love Teacher” site has some good things on it – if you don’t cringe at “that sort of stuff”.

So, your job today:


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