40Acts Day 5: An attitude of Gratitude

The daily prompt reads:

There’s something rather wonderful about genuine gratitude: it impacts both the person who says thank you and the person who hears it. Try this before you do anything else today: grab a pen and write a thank you note to someone. Thank someone who doesn’t usually get thanked: your bus driver, local postman, that one guy that always puts a fresh pot of coffee on or empties the dishwasher at the office. These people need to be appreciated, and being thankful is a great way to start the week!

As I leave the house at 6.45 am on Mondays I didn’t have time to read this prompt: however I did make some fairy cakes yesterday and took them into work for my colleagues today. Someone asked me why I’d done it so I was able to explain a little about 40Acts. I also had the opportunity to tell some friends about it yesterday – and ended up promising to make bookmarks for them, and Zentangle-inspired art too! It’s a good chance for me to try to be generous, as Eleanore loved  my dragon ZIA. I have the reaction to hang onto it – but why? What can I do with it? I’ve created it so now I need to “let go” of it and give it to someone to give them pleasure…

Getting home I have read the prompt and watched the video

which prompted me to write a note to some friends of mine, just saying how much I appreciate their friendship.


I need to keep this “attitude of gratitude” up. But it’s a good thought. I will be giving Mr D a big kiss and a “Thank You” tonight, just because…

It’s a good word.


One thought on “40Acts Day 5: An attitude of Gratitude

  1. thank you for sharing this. if I had been part of this group, I would have been like the older man because my person is my mom. I reacted to the people’s happiness with tears, tears of delight.

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