“Connect” and “Rest” – 40Acts & a Pause in Lent

So on my walk yesterday I met three or four people, and gave a cheery “Bonjour!” but no-one seemed ready to stop and chat…I had a slightly longer conversation about the weather with one family, but nothing much…until I met a friend (or maybe just “someone I know”) out walking her dog. We were able to have a pleasant chat and we walked together back to the village. I didn’t feel quite brave enough to ask her in for a cup of tea (and the cats would have disapproved of Jojo the dog!) but I did make a tiny connection with her.

Today’s prompt is “Rest” – but it seemed too good an opportunity to clean so Mr D and I didn’t rest. We cleaned cat trays, washed floors, vaccuumed, polished, and cleaned toilets (though not necessarily in that order!) We also opened windows and doors to let in some of the spring sunshine! The cats are beginning to congregate at one end of the balcony each morning – the balcony catches the sun in the morning, but only during spring/summer/autumn as the sun rises higher and earlier. At the very height of summer it is bathed in sunshine from early morning until about 3 o’clock, but at the moment it loses the sun round about midday. Still, the cats love basking in the sunshine while it’s there! They are doing our resting for us!

I’m planning on making some fairy cakes to take into work tomorrow, and also cooking some flapjack for my last class at the Chambre de Metiers . I will also leave some here for Mr D to enjoy! I’m not sure how to explain the idea of 40Acts to French people though…

A Pause in Lent_1024

The point of 40Acts is generosity – giving cheerfully! Someone on the 40Acts Facebook page reminded us that it is about being generous to ourselves too…so if we don’t manage one of the Acts, or it doesn’t go according to plan, well, that’s how it is.

We are reflecting back to the world the generosity of God. Think of the picture of the cornucopia, filled with good things

This can be for us a symbol of the good things that God wants to pour out on us, his children. It can remind us of the wealth and beauty of the natural world – of which we are stewards. It is not ours to plunder as we will, and to keep the best bits for ourselves, but rather it is a gift to share.

The cornucopia can remind us of the wealth of talents and skills that God has given each one of us – again, to share with others. Be it a skill in cooking and hospitality, a talent for IT repair and advice, a listening ear, an ability to paint, whatever it is – we should not guard these jealously for ourselves, but be open to hearing God prompting us to use them for others.

The horn of plenty can also remind us of the enormity and infinity of God’s love – that he was willing to die for us, to show us the way back to him. And we should – in some small way – be willing to follow the way, and hopefully, lead others along with us…

From the 40Acts FB page:

One act of kindness can change a life. Imagine what 1 million acts of kindness could do!


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