Zentangling Crazy

…except I believe I should call it “Zentangle Inspired Art” (or ZIA) rather than “zentangling”, which has been copyrighted as a particuar type of art form. But who cares?! Whatever its name, I find it a beautiful, energising and yet relaxing way to create something that I am proud of.

Here are my latest creations (apologies for the poor quality photos – but you can click on them to see them in more detail)


I have to admit to copying the basic form from this site but the choice of patterns and details are my own. I am really proud of this one!

Then there is another gecko:


He’s not quite as good as my previous gecko, shown over here at Fat Dormouse, but I still like him.

Finally I have two non-animal-form zentangles – I like these as they started to take me outside my comfort zone: I am beginning to be less confined to the outlines, and becoming freer in the ending of the tangles.


This was from a “string” given on the TanglePatterns site


This was part inspired by another example I found onthe internet and part self-imagined.

I think that once I have done some more black and white ones I may start experimenting more with colour. What do you think? What animal (or other object!)  would you recommend I try next?


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