Giveaways and Swaps!


One thing I love is joining in Giveaways and blogswaps and Secret Santas…it’s great fun putting together a parcel and also receiving one. It’s lovely to make links with new people too… I always join in with the Ship of Fools Secret Santa and Paschal Penguin (organised at Easter) and have received some lovely gifts through them…

I joined in with a Christmas swap  in 2012 and again in 2013 – the items I received are scatered around my study and make me smile when I look at them.

And recently I joined in with a Share Your Country swap, organised by Kimberley at Creative Chaos. I have put the parcel together and need to take it to the post office now. In this swap you had to send 5 things that symbolise the country you live in / were born in. (I chose the country I live in)

 Something to eat: Vichy mints
which are made in Vichy, not too far from here.
Something hand made by you that represents your country: predictably, I went for something zentangled! A picture of the Eiffel Tower (France, you know!) with “fireworks” going off. I’m not absolutely pleased with it…I think it could be improved, but I hope that Kimberley (for she is my swap partner!) likes it.
a tourist nick nack: not really a nick-nack, but a little fridge magnet with a lovely saying on it:
(but mine was in French!)
a stationery item ie notecards,postcards, a pen: I sent an old postcard of St Just (you can see our house on it!)
a spotty pen, and a couple of cards that I had made. I also sent a homemade bookmark.
a souvenir tea towel: It was tricky to find, as I don’t think Roanne is a very touristy place, but I finally found one showing the vineyards of France. You can’t see it though as the lady in the shop wrapped it up so beautifully!
Here is the beautifully wrapped present, plus the postcard and mints:
I’ve also packed up my Giveaway from the Grow Your Blog event. The winner (you can see the post on the old version of View from the Teapot ) was Diane from OK Camp. she won some cards, a calligraphed quotation (forgot to photograph it!) and a bookmark
I hope she likes them.
Of course, there had to be some zentangling – my new passion! – so the quotation had zentangling around it…maybe Diane will post a photo when she receives it.

4 thoughts on “Giveaways and Swaps!

  1. I can’t always reply to comments as I would like….as one ESL teacher to another I am sure you understand….it is called lesson planning 🙂 However I wanted you to know I continue to follow you and do enjoy reading your posts. I have a nice new icon now on my blog roll list!

    keep well

    Amanda 🙂

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